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Surat Municipal Corporation - Science Centre

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Science Centre was built in 2009 as a multi-facility complex in Surat. Besides the Science Centre, the large complex also has an art gallery, a planetarium, an amphi-theatre, a museum and an auditorium. This complex is a distinct establishment in whole of the Western India and offers a wonderful meeting ground for students, scholars and teachers of science, technology and history. There is a solar power plant on the roof of the complex which produces about 1.14 KW of power. Inside the complex there are:

Science Centre

1. Science Centre – It is a primary attraction and forms a major part of the whole complex. Ground floor welcomes the visitor with an exciting 3D theatre, first floor presents science and technology in an amusing way through fun science exhibits while the second floor displays diamond gallery. Other galleries with themes such as space, power of play, polar science, textile and cosmos will also be developed in the coming times.

2. Sardar Patel Museum – Museums have a great cultural value as it seeks to preserve the history and offers objects for studying the past of any society or civilization. Sardar Patel Museum takes care of the historical heritage of Surat and is the best place for anyone interested in Surat’s rich past. The museum has shifted its location a couple of times owing to space constraints and/or vulnerability to floods. Its current address is the complex of Science Centre. Sardar Patel Museum was originally built in 1890 and was called the Winchester Museum after the name of its creator. There is a vast variety of articles ranging from stuffed specimens of animal and birds, glassware, old books, traditional textiles, porcelain, metal ware, conches, minerals and precious stones to wood carvings, paintings and sculptures.

3. Planetarium - The sphere-shaped planetarium has a diameter of 16.30 metres and can accommodate 140 people. There is a dome on the ceiling where the projections are made and a better observation of moon, planets, nebula and stars can be made. Based on state-of-the-art technology, the digital theatre is a very interesting place for the children and other curious minds seeking answers to the mysteries of nature.

4. Amphi-theatre - There is a round-shaped amphi-theatre with seating capacity of about 250 to give a platform to small concerts or cultural programs. It is an open air theatre and has stepped seating.

5. Auditorium - At the mezzanine floor of the main building there is an auditorium, with seating capacity of 260, for the purpose of lectures, meetings and seminars.

6. Art Gallery - Right opposite the museum stands the art gallery which is used for organising art exhibitions.

Science Centre
City Light Road, Athwa
Surat, Gujarat - 395007

For more information visit: Science Centre