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Historical gopi talav get a new LOOK !!

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Gopi Talav is a lake in the Gopipura locality in the city of Surat in Gujarat state of India. It was built in circa 1510 CE by Malik Gopi, who was an affluent merchant and governor of Surat during the Mughal Empire. In 2012, the lake was renovated by Surat Municipal Corporation and the area surrounding it was redeveloped as a recreational facility.

Gopi Talav: renovation and redevelopment in 2012

SURAT:The 15th century Gopi Talav is ready to receive visitors in its new avatar. Located in old city area of Gopipura, the lake is likely to be inaugurated in January after a makeover of about 1 lakh sq metres of space.

"The only issue that remains is to get water from Tapi through pipelines to fill up this huge structure that is 212 metres in diameter and is about 12 metres deep," said municipal commissioner Milind Torwane.

The makeover has come at Rs 20 crore with an amphitheater and recreation zones being among the modern additions.Textile and diamond zones along with a communal harmony zone will depict the true character of Surtis. There will be a snow park and laser shows. However, the step well will remain as it is.

"We plan to make it a must visit site for people coming to Surat," said Torwane. The work on the project is almost a year behind schedule.

"Majority of the landscaping, structure formation is over. Next month, play structures and equipment will be fitted. Once 1.5 km long pipelines are laid, filling up of 12 crore litres of water would begin," said assistant engineer of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) Viresh Nanavati.

Built in 15th century by Malek Gopi, the lake has a step well constructed in 1718 by Mir Alamsha Binkhan. He was a friend of then governor Haider Kun Khan, who ruled Surat from 1715 to 1718. Haider had started building a fort across the Surat city known as Alampanah fort. The stones used in construction were those dug up from the base and steps of Gopi Talav. Alamsha secretly took some stones and built the step well just outside Navsari Bazar in Gapipura lake. This is the only step well in this region that has steps to get down from all four sides.

"We manually cleaned the silt, sand and other waste from the step well. The artisans created exact size and shapes of the stones that were fixed in earlier construction of the step well," said Nanavati.